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CCMS Mission Statement

We will empower all students to progress academically, socially, and personally by:
·         Holding students responsible for their learning
·         Providing rigor and relevance in all classrooms
·         Committing to authentic classroom engagement
·         Developing extracurricular activities to create a well-rounded student body
We will provide collaborative opportunities by:
·         Participating in meaningful staff PLCs and current professional development opportunities
·         Implementing inquiry and/or project-based learning in the classroom
·         Encouraging service and connection to our community
We will meet the needs of the 21st century world by:
·         Utilizing appropriate and current technologies
·         Helping students develop a global perspective
·         Fostering creative problem solving, critical thinking, and adaptability
We believe that all students can be part of the vision of CCMS because we know that all students can be successful, take ownership of their behavior, have a positive attitude, be respectful, and SOAR!
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February Principal's Message

Welcome to February Falcon Families,
I write this on the snow day we are all enjoying, and I hope that you are staying safe and warm at home with each other. February is a short but busy month at CCMS for staff and students as we begin preparing for state testing. There are also two sports going on, not to mention the construction project.
We are a month into the second semester of the year, and I want to encourage everyone to help keep students focused and on track. One of the most successful predictors of a student's success is the amount of help they receive at home from those around them. Take a moment every night to discuss school with your students, ask them about a particular class or subject they may be struggling in, and see what support you can lend. If you need help, I encourage you to reach out to your student's teachers so they can offer guidance as well.
We will have parent-teacher conferences on Thursday the 13th from 4 to 7 pm here at CCMS. The conference format will be like the past few have been, with the opportunity to talk to your student's teachers and be able to see the school. Being involved in conferences can drastically impact your student's performance, giving both you and the teachers insight into what will help your student perform at a high level while at school.
Our new building is coming along very nicely and is on schedule to have students begin instruction in the new wing at the start of the next school year. We will begin remodeling the gym over Spring Break, and this will bring a shift in instruction to our P.E. classes. Mr. Harms will teach outside as much as he can but will have an indoor space in the vocational building when the temperature is not suitable for outdoor activities.
Overall, I want to thank the CCMS students, parents, and staff for the fantastic work we have done this year. We have had a lot of new things happen this year, and everyone has done a great job adapting to all of our changes. Please remember when dropping students off or picking them up, that the bus lane is directly in front of the school, where you see the yellow-painted curb. Please do not drop off or pick up students in the bus lane; instead, use the parent drop-off lane to pick up and drop off your students. Doing this will make for a safer environment for all involved. Thank you for listening again and Go Falcons!!!!
Jesse Oliver - CCMS Principal
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CCS District Core Beliefs

1. We meet the social-emotional needs of ALL students, putting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs before Bloom’s Taxonomy.
2. We believe learning growth matters most, requires risk-taking, and the work we do in our schools has the greatest impact on this.
3. We’re future focused, believing the long-term development of certain traits and skills will best prepare our students for ever-changing careers.
4. We emphasize what is good for kids over the needs and comfort of adults.